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Jessica Silber of Kalamazoo Acupuncture is passionate about seeking out health solutions for her clients through non-traditional, holistic techniques. Jessica understands that time-tested remedies are just waiting to be discovered by those curious enough to seek them out. It’s her passion to share these amazing discoveries with clients like you!

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Much of Western medicine is devoted to treating symptoms with extreme medications that have a long list of negative side effects. This hit-or-miss process can be extremely costly to both your body and your budget.

Jessica Silber of Kalamazoo Acupuncture wants to help you avoid becoming another unhappy health statistic. That's why she offers hundreds of Chinese herbs in Kalamazoo, MI to clients searching for solutions for a wide range of health problems.

Every specially selected herb you receive from Jessica will be:

Professionally prepared
Carefully cooked and dried
Thoroughly explained for correct dosage and optimum effectiveness
Used in conjunction with acupuncture for enhanced benefits

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Rheumatoid arthritis
Migraine headaches
Cluster headaches
Allergic rhinitis
Bone spurs
Ankylosing spondylitis
Chemotherapy or radiation side effects
Plantar fasciitis